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Neutrogena Pore & Shine Cleanser

Say goodbye to large visible pores and shiny skin. Get that fresh, flawless-looking complexion with new NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Wash. Enriched with tangerine & lime, the new clinically proven formula helps to unclog & tighten pores and leave a visibly matte finish.

Price: R79.99
Size: 200ml
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
Oh, Neutrogena. Let me count the ways I love thee.

But I’d be here all day if I had to do that. Just know that I’ve been a loyal supporter of Neutrogena for the past 10 years.

This bottle of spring grass green gel-like liquid is, in a word, wow. It has a pump dispenser, making it easy to get to the good stuff. It has a fresh scent, reminiscent of some fruity and yummy dessert. You’d kind of expect it to smell like Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, since it contains lime, but it couldn’t be further away from the reality.

It’s very gentle on the skin and I prefer to use it in the mornings to wash away sleepy time adventures. Yes, drooling is an adventure.

I feel all fresh and lovely after using this product. Although a bit pricier than other “teen” facial cleansing products, this does the job very well. Nothing can keep me away from any Neutrogena Visibly Clear product.
– Danielle

The first thing I noticed when I used this face wash is the smell; it is so yummy! It is an invigorating scent, and really gets my day off to a good start. I love the pump action as it is so convenient, especially in the shower, no fiddling with lids and all that. The face wash claims to mattify the skin and unclog pores. After my first wash, I noticed my skin looked smoother, and my pores were minimised.

Even though it is a gel cleanser it doesn’t leave the skin with that horrible tight and dry feeling. It is definitely a cleanser I will keep using every morning, in both summer and winter! The green colour is bright and fits the product perfectly. Although it says it mattifies the skin, it is not a bad matte where it leaves your skin with no dimension, more like a refined skin texture without the excess oil.
– Azraa

The Neutrogena Pore & Shine Face Wash is intended to reduce the size of your pores and shine from oiliness. It comes in a very handy dispenser, which releases just the right amount of product. The face wash is a bright green in colour, which invokes a sense of freshness, and the lovely smell of citrus continues this as just the smell of it makes you feel clean and fresh already.

The face wash does not dry your face and leaves it feeling refreshingly clean. The face wash comes in a 200ml bottle so is definitely long lasting. I unfortunately did not notice a big difference whilst using the product but it could be one of those that take about a month for results to show. I am however happy with the product as it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean which is all I really need from a face wash.
– Debbie

The face wash is green in colour and appears clear when pumped out onto your palm. The products claims to “cleanse deep down” and eliminate shine by reducing “77%* of excess sebum.” It has a gel consistency and I found the smell is refreshing and inviting. It doesn’t lather into a foam (as I was expecting) and I find that you don’t need to use a lot of it – just a pea-sized amount (one pump) is enough. Upon application it is easy to spread across the face and gently massage all over.

After using it for the first time, my face was left with a fresh sensation…cool and clean. Two hours after use, my skin looked less oily and the shine was reduced to my satisfaction. But this did not hold up – later in the day my forehead was oily and shiny.

After a week, I did not see much of a difference in terms of shine reduction (especially my forehead). Even with the combination of the daily use of the Scrub. My forehead is the most problematic part of my face: two or three hours after cleansing, my face would appear matte and less oily. Halfway through the day, it would be an oil slick again.

Into my second week of using the product, I started to develop fine pimples (not too many – one or two) on my forehead, temple and around my brow area. I persisted with using the product and after a few days, the pimples disappeared, but my forehead remained very oily and my pores were still as they had been prior to use of the product. My cheek area remained much the same and so too my nose and chin area. From the third week, the shine and oil began to improve and I noticed a slight oil reduction in my forehead and brow area.

In terms of tightening my pores, I did not see much change until the third week. Perhaps with further use and patience, the results I am looking for will eventually come to fruition – tightened pores, and less visible. I will say that each of these products did cleanse my face effectively. My face always felt properly cleansed and smooth.  I would recommend both products to people who have oily/combination skins and may have the odd dry patch.
– Adelaide

The Neutrogena Pore & Shine Face Wash was created to help minimize blackheads and control shiny, oily skin like mine that feels like it needs to be scrubbed. It comes in a handy pump bottle, and the bright green hue looks cool, gentle and inviting.

The invigorating, fresh smells of Lime and Tangerine wipe away winter and wash a summery feeling over your face. It is especially refreshing after a workout, and helps to control that over-eager shimmer that makes a red face more obvious.

Since I began using this product I have noticed far fewer blemishes, and my pores feel unclogged, clean and less shiny. This product lives up to its promise of visibly mattifying skin, making it something I will be continuing with.

I recommend using this washes in conjunction with an appropriate moisturizer, especially in winter, as the suddenly reduced amounts of sebum on the skin can make it feel dry. I cannot wait to try this product during summer, though.
– Robyn


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