Makeup tips we learnt from Netflix hit Glow Up

Makeup tips we learnt from Netflix hit Glow Up 1

One of Netflix’s hottest competition shows, Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, is back with a third season, and audiences have been in awe of the incredible makeup looks created by the contestants. In case you haven’t seen it, Glow Up features aspiring makeup artists who compete in challenges to win a career-changing opportunity in the beauty industry. From magazine editorials, to fashion week and film sets, their creativity gets stretched to the limit.

But it’s not just the incredible makeup looks that are worth watching – viewers also walk away with a wealth of knowledge and helpful tips, courtesy of the show’s judges and makeup industry legends, Val Garland and Dominic Skinner.

These are our favourite makeup tips we learnt from watching Glow Up season three:

The perfect cut crease
Cut crease is the technical term for an eye makeup look where a lighter shade of eyeshadow cuts across the crease of the eyelid, creating a dramatic contrast that makes the eyes look defined. It adds depth and contouring at the eyelid. To perfect it at home, the judges on Glow Up suggest using a dark eyeshadow powder to sketch where you want the crease to be. Next up, use a lighter powder to colour in the entire eyelid below the crease. Use a medium tone shadow to blend the top of the crease line upwards. Lastly, apply a highlighter or shimmery shadow to the inside edge of the eye.

Using an eyeshadow palette makes it easier to select shades for your cut crease, as the colours in the palette already work together harmoniously. Try one of wet n wild’s Color Icon 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes. The Nude Awakening Palette (R139.95) offers natural-looking shades of nude, bronze and brown in matte and shimmer, while one of the more colourful options like V.I.Purple allows for a more creative cut crease look. The Real Techniques Everyday Essential Eye Set (R499.99) is the perfect cut crease kit: with seven new brushes and a metal lash separator, this set is your cut crease go-to.

How to apply false lashes
According to Val and Dominic, one of the most important things to keep in mind when applying falsies, is that you absolutely must measure the false lash against your own lash line and cut it if required. The second most important thing is to wait for the glue to become tacky before applying the lash (this typically takes a minute or two). For wispy, flirty lashes, try Kiss Blowout Lashes in Pixie or Beehive (R103.00). They give you realistic volume, bounce and curl to match your own lashes and they are safe for contact lens wearers.

If you struggle to master the art of applying the lash, and want to bypass glue altogether, then Kiss Magnetic Lashes are for you. Simply apply the Kiss Magnetic Liner across your lash line and then gently apply the Magnetic Lashes (R379.95 for the kit). No glue, no adhesive, no hassle!

Select larger brushes
So many of us reach for smaller brushes in the hope that they’ll offer better control and precision, but sometimes a larger brush makes for quicker work and more natural strokes (plus, you can always go in for detail with a smaller brush, later). The Real Techniques Flawless Base Brush Set (R499.99) offers a selection of five brushes for foundation, highlighter and concealer, to help you make light work of achieving a glowing complexion.

Getting symmetrical
It can be difficult to get your makeup perfectly symmetrical. The experts recommend starting with your non-dominant side or the side you struggle with the most, as this will make it easier to match the symmetry on your other, stronger or dominant side.

On-point winged liner
The classic winged liner doesn’t have to be a challenge – take an eye pencil and hold it against the side of your nose, and angle it up to your brow (diagonally). Draw the line to the centre of your eyelid, and then draw from the inner corner of your eye and pull the line to the centre. Voilà! Try wet n wild Color Icon Khol Liner Pencil Baby’s Got Black (R24.95), or if you prefer a felt tip liner, we recommend wet n wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner (R84.95).

Getting the perfect lip
We’re used to lining our lips and then filling in with colour, right? The experts at Glow Up recommend colouring in your entire lip with lipstick first, and then lining the shape with a matching lip liner afterwards. This allows you to define the shape, sharpen the edges and create symmetry. Start off with your favourite wet n wild Megalast Lipstick in Matte or High Shine (R99.95). The creamy, lightweight formula glides on effortlessly and gives you full coverage in one application. Next up, find a matching wet n wild Color Icon Lip Liner Pencil (R36.95) and carefully outline your lips, tidying up the lipstick line and defining the shape.

All about skin
Ask any painter, and they’ll tell you the quality of the canvas plays an essential role in the quality of the painting. Makeup is the same. The Glow up team always places emphasis on skin, no matter what the focal point of the face is. Ensure your skin looks its best by maintaining a good skincare regimeZERO offers premium plant-based skincare products that nourish the skin without the presence of potentially harmful ingredients. Using the ZERO Face Wash (R299.00), Day Cream (R399.00) and Night Cream (R399.00) daily is a great start. For an added boost of moisture around the delicate eye area, we recommend adding ZERO Eye Cream (R299.00) to your regime, and gently exfoliating your skin once or twice a week with the ZERO Face Scrub (R299.00).


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