The skincare treatment you have to try: Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment

The skincare treatment you have to try: Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment 1

The Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment is so much more than just a facial; it breathes new life into dry and dehydrated skin using massage techniques and high-performance active ingredients.

This treatment offers the perfect alliance of technicality and sensoriality, combining ultra-comfortable textures with active ingredients to flood the skin with well-being and give it a feeling of absolute hydration.

One of the things that sets it apart is the flagship emblem of the house, DIGI-ESTHÉTIQUE® – a gesture specially developed by and for beauticians, to optimize treatments and assimilation of active ingredients. It combines finger pressure and massage techniques from East and West.

Why include the massage techniques? Sothys is committed to developing unique protocols that combine sensoriality, efficiency and a personalized approach to treatment, transforming each appointment into a parenthesis of well-being for body and mind. And it makes complete sense – why shouldn’t your skincare treatment leave your body feeling relaxed and revived?

The skincare treatment you have to try: Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment 2

There are six phases to the Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment, each one specially developed to to meet all the skin’s hydration needs.

PHASE 1: Enzymatic exfoliating gel
Objective: Eliminate impurities and prepare the skin for treatment.

PHASE 2: Restructuring serum
Objective: Visibly comfort the skin.

PHASE 3: High hydration gel mask
Objective: Quench the skin.

PHASE 4: Modelling mask
Objective: Restore a quality skin barrier.

PHASE 5: Peel-off plumping mask
Objective: Intensely plump the skin.

PHASE 6: Smoothing serum
Objective: Ultimate dose of hyaluronic acid to wrap the skin in a protective film and smooth features.

Our editor was treated to this incredible treatment at Claremont Endermologie in Cape Town, a beautiful salon in the heart of Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs.

Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment review

“My skin is pretty typical when it comes to the seasons: during summer it gets a little oily and I have a shiny T-panel to contend with, and during winter, dehydration sets in. The trickiest time for me is the start of spring. When the season changes, I tend to struggle with that last stage of dryness and dehydration, which is sometimes aggravated by my seasonal hay fever (and all hay fever sufferers know – September is the worst!).

I had the Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment on the 2nd of September, at the tail-end of winter, but not yet spring, in the hope that it would hydrate and nourish my skin in preparation for the change in season.

I’ve experienced many facials during my career, but this was unlike any others I have had before. My treatment started with a massage, and incorporated massage in every step that followed. There are few things in life that a massage can’t soften (and in many cases, fix), so you can imagine that I was absolutely thrilled with this!

From the cleansing, to the exfoliation, to the serums and masks, my therapist incorporated the most incredibly relaxing massage and touch techniques in this treatment. While it was relaxing, it was somehow simultaneously invigorating, and from the glow I experienced post-treatment, I could tell that it boosted my circulation.

The more relaxing a facial, the better, and there were numerous times during the treatment when I almost fell asleep. Who would have thought that having your face massaged could feel so incredible?!

The other highlight of the treatment was the peel-off plumping mask. It has an intensely cooling sensation and felt incredible on my skin.

Most facials are quite quick, but this one lasted close to 90 minutes (the longer, the better – in my opinion!). From the moment it began until the moment it ended, I felt pampered and relaxed.

Post-treatment, my skin was radiant, hydrated and plump. I attended a wedding two days after the treatment and my skin looked great! I would definitely recommend it before an event or special occasion.

I’d like to extend a very big thank you to the team at Claremont Endermologie, who made me feel so welcome, and went above and beyond to give me one of the best facial treatments I have ever had. Give them a call on 021 683 8515 to book your treatment or give them a follow on Instagram @claremontendermologieandskin to keep abreast of their latest news.”
– Anien, Editor             

The recommended retail price for the Sothys Hydrating Intensive Treatment is R950. Find your nearest Sothys stockist, clinic or spa by contacting (021) 701 2900 or get in contact via social media @sothys_south_africa.


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